You can add something to reach a good heat output of your heating coffer. These tips will help to protect the natural environment and your heating-costs.
Four facts for clean heating:
  • fortunately use wood of your own region
  • just use adequate dry combustible material, which is correct bedded
  • the right handling with the heating offer can help a lot
  • try to get a constant service to check the heating coffer by professionals
Wood an attitude:
A reason for the fire behavior is the water content of the combustible material. The wood should be bedded for two years (That would be perfect!). That would be a condition to get the best heat flow and the wood would be burned eco-friendly.
You should protect the wood of snow and rain. And think about that: Wood that is divided dry better and has better fire-behavior. There is also standing which combustible material can be used::
  • charcoal
  • natural finish wood
  • pressed article (wood)
Correct Heating
Do you want to get high temperature when you heat the heating coffer? You should use dry, thin wood and commercial lighter to burn the wood. Important: You have to arrange for enough combustion air during the start of the heating. When there is enough fervor you can use bigger parts of wood. But please don’t give too much wood in the heating coffer. The consequence of this can be damages on you heating coffer and generated harmful substances. Because of that: Give little volumes in the heating coffer repeatedly.
Definition: “Bundesimissionsschutzverordnung” (March 2010)
That is a German law to regulate the conditions for special small and medium heater. It defines which critical value of substance is allowed
Die 1. BImSchV wurde im März 2010 verabschiedet.
More information about BImSchV here: www.bmu.de/luftreinhaltung