Wotan heating coffer

Our nature is polluted by carbon dioxide and fine dust. In Germany it has been prescribed by the regulations after BImSchV (26.07.1988 , Absatz 3) of the state to light fireplaces occasionally since 1988. To light your fireplace with a clear conscience we can advise our heating coffer because our heating coffers undercut the preferred values of 1 BImSchV Step 2. Because of that our heating coffers have a boundless license without a conversion of the cleaner or promoter.
The Wotan heating coffer can be built in every feature fireplace. Every heating coffer has a special prevention to protect the glass. The door of the heating coffer consists of first-class and hardened machining steel. Consequently the doors of the Wotan heating coffers reach a huge stability and long-life cycle.
A Wotan heating coffer fulfills every functional, esthetic and technical requirement.
The characteristics of a Wotan heating coffer in short:
  • Individual after your dimensions from the size of your fireplace
  • Regularly burn-off
  • High fireproof glass
  • It allows uncontrolled light
  • It will be fast and without dirt built in
  • Ecologically beneficial
  • Ecological constructed Vermiculite
The back and the side wall consist of 4mm strong steel: Beacause of that
  • you reach 50 percent more heat output
  • A high long-life cycle
  • It is de-energized and aerodynamic
  • There is no arrears of gimp
User manual